Crowdfunding in Southwark: What Project Gets Your Vote?

Southwark has one of the most vibrant and diverse Charity Sectors in London – with over 1500 registered charities and around an estimated 4500 unregistered community groups. But now there’s a new kid on the block (ok, maybe not a kid – but certainly a teenager). With the power of the social media and advancements in technology anyone with a bank account now has the ability to set up a crowdfunding project.


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On A Knife Edge: A Borough Gripped By Crime

Jermaine Goupall, 15 (08/08/2017)

Daniel Namanga, 19 (08/08/2017)

Mahad Hussein Ali, 18 (29/06/2017)

Osman Sharif, 16 (06/06/17)

Abdirahman Mohamed, 17 (02/06/17)

Joao Gomes,18 (13/05/17)

Elijah Dornelly, 17 (07/05/17)

Mohammed Hasan, 17 (23/04/17)

Jordan Wright, 19 (19/04/17)

Abdullahi Tarabi, 19 (11/04/17)

Quamari Barnes, 15 (23/01/17)

DjodjoNsaka, 19 (20/01/17).  

A list of names that needs little explaining - two have recently been added in the desperately short space of 24 hours.


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THE NSP PART 2: the Community has its say

Yesterday we published a Statement on Tall Building in Draft New Southwark Plan (NSP) that we had compiled from correspondence with Nick Dolezal, Chair of Southwark Planning Committee, which you can read here.

Here is perhaps the most important extract:

The change to the Draft NSP reference to tall buildings is a refinement rather than a departure from our existing position in our adopted Southwark Plan, Core Strategy, our Area Action Plans and the London Plan. As such there is no major change of direction or loosening of policy proposed.


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Clear Planning Guidance: A Tall Order?

Recently there have been growing concern across Southwark's communities about the amended references/policies about Tall Buildings in the Draft New Southwark Plan (highlighted in Southwark News amongst others). Well, we decided that it would be helpful to get some clarity around the issue so we got in touch with Nick Dolezal, Chair of Southwark's Planning Committee, to clarify what these references ACTUALLY mean.

As a result we have put together a "Statement on Tall Building in Draft New Southwark Plan" from his responses which you can read below...


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Who Are Southwark's MPs?

Southwark saw the re-election of three Labour MPs during last week’s momentus general election -  all with increased majorities on high turnouts. So who are your Southwark MPs, and how can you contact them? 

Southwark covers three constituencies - Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Camberwell and Peckham, and Dulwich and West Norwood. Let's take a look at the MPs for each of these areas...


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London Attacks: A Community United

As the capital comes to terms with the terrible events of Saturday night one thing is very clear: the strength and resilience of Southwark’s communities will be vital in the coming weeks and months as we look to one another for support. The borough has one of the most vibrant and diverse voluntary and community sectors in the UK – with nearly 1500 registered charities and around 4000 community groups. Many will now be trying to come to terms with what has happened and looking for ways in which they can support the local community.

As more details emerge of what took place we have heard dozens of tales of immense bravery – from the off duty policeman who tackled the assailants with no thought to his own safety, to the café owner who helped bring 130 people to safety.

We have also witnessed how immense our police and hospital staff are – their vital interventions undoubtedly saving countless lives.


Photo courtesy of London SE1 Community Website

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Plane Hell: Too Early, Too Late, Too Noisy, Too Low… Too Many!

Camberwell resident Bridget Bell is the driving force behind a local campaign to reduce air noise and pollution over Camberwell and South London. Bridget, of John Ruskin Street, first had her sleep disturbed by aircraft over her house in July. Since then they have woken her up “nearly every night”.

Here she tells us about what it is like living directly under a flight path and the impact it is having on her quality of life.


Bridget (middle) appearing with two neighbours in Southwark News

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Seven Development Sites Across the Seven Community Action Networks

Sixty-five potential locations for over 40,000 homes, infrastructure, schools and businesses have been earmarked by Southwark council. It is currently seeking your thoughts and opinions on the Area Visions and Site Allocations that make up part of the New Southwark Plan (NSP).


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Runbert Jogmyson

Just to be clear my name is Robert Jamieson, not Runbert Jogmyson. I just wanted to punnify my name! Anyway...

It’s around this time of year the donation requests start flooding in… We all know someone (be they a friend, family member, or colleague) who has decided to take on the 26.2 mile challenge provided by the London Marathon. So what’s different about my story? Is it down to the fact that I am still cheerfully maintaining my 15-a-day smoking habit? Or the fact that until Boxing Day I had undertaken little to no meaningful exercise for a number of years?


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Latin American London: Ya No Está Oculto

The Latin American population is one of the fastest growing migrant populations in the United Kingdom. The most recent figures show that there were around 250,000 Latin Americans in the UK in 2013, of which around 145,000 were in London.

Southwark is home to the one of largest Latin American populations in the capital (9 % of the entire population) which tends to reflect historical patterns of settlement and commercial and cultural activity in London. This is perhaps best illustrated by the long-standing commercial areas dominated by Latin Americans around Elephant and Castle Shopping centre.


(photo taken at the annual Plaza Latina festival)

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