As you may have gathered we think that it is very important for people to have every opportunity to affect decisions in their borough.

Whether you love them or hate them consultations have historically been used by decision-makers to seek public opinion.

Some consultations may well be considered as cosmetic or tokenistic - that those who are consulting have already made up their mind and are merely trying to prove that they are 'transparent'. 

Whilst that is up for you to decide we have gathered all of the consultations currently going on in Southwark in one place.

If you need any help filling one in then don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Southwark Conversation – Let’s Talk

Hands up who has heard of 'Social Regeneration'!? Southwark council's Cabinet recently agreed a report that effectively announced their new policy on in all it's shiny glory. 

Southwark is changing, not only visibly through new building developments, but also in the makeup of the people who reside and work in the borough.  


The population of Southwark has grown to well over 300,000. This change in the borough can manifest itself in many ways, including new and different needs of grass roots communities. During a time of central Government cuts to local authorities, this is places additional pressures on the provision of local services to an increasingly diverse range of individuals.

This is evidenced more comprehensively in the Southwark Giving report, A Tale of two Southwarks, which highlights the difference between affluent and deprived areas where high levels of inequality exist.

The Council is now keen to find out from local people what is working and what isn’t working for them. Its “Southwark Conversation” provides an opportunity to say how things are for you, suggest areas for improvement or how things could be done differently.

For more information, and to share your views, click here.

The headline feedback will be published by the end of February.


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