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*Update December*

The Big Ask: To respond to the latest Consultation on airport expansion at Heathrow and/or Gatwick.

You can read about it in all its glory here.

Deadline 19 December 2017

This link gives some suggestions – it is a simple, short read:

A suggested response:

The omission of both the Department of Health and DEFRA from the list of organisations to be consulted by the Department of Transport skews any argument put forward for airport expansion anywhere in the UK; the effects on people's health and the environment in which we all live are of paramount importance and must be fully considered alongside any financial benefits. Both Departments should be included in aviation strategy policy as a matter of urgency.

You can send your response to: or fill out the online consultation form here.

*Update - November*

This month, November 2017, Plane Hell/HACAN South East are asking for your help:

Heathrow is consulting on the principle of flight paths early next year. 

  • We want to remind Heathrow just how critical the situation is, particularly in S, SE & SW London - but we want to hear from anyone affected by flights to Heathrow.
  • We need to get an accurate number of planes going over SE London but will also log results from other areas too to reflect the wider picture
  •  It will give an idea of any changes there have been since HACAN did counts in 2004, 2009 and 2011.



How you can help

  • choose your area/s, your date/s and your time/s
  • count the number of overhead and nearby planes
  • spend one hour in the morning
  • and one hour in the afternoon after 3pm

Send your totals, one for the morning and one for the afternoon (2 separate totals), along with the place, date and times to

The results will be analysed by HACAN who will be creating publicity round the findings.

Earlier this week one of our members counted 48 planes between 5.58 - 6.58am and the following morning 16 planes between 4.33 - 5am.  This has been happening from September 2016 onwards. Heathrow and Government need to know.

Looking forward to hearing from you - thank you for your help.

*Update - October*

HACAN SE Launches!

The inaugural meeting of HACAN SE took place at Kennington Park Community Centre on Tuesday 26 September 2017.

Over 50 people from across SE London attended including Toby Eckersley of the Walworth Society, Caroline Pidgeon - vice chair of the GLA Transport Committee, Tracy Beresford of the Southwark Green Party and Harriet Harman MP for Camberwell represented by her Parliamentary Assistant Rachel Smethers who sent a note the following day.

Notes from the meeting are available here.


If they have whetted your appetite you can read the Chair of HACAN John Stewart's thoughts by clicking here.

If you want to join this growing band of active residents who are fed up with the blight of aircraft noise then get in touch!

There will be another meeting of HACAN SE towards the end of October.

You can make contact by email:

*Update - July*

Plane Hell Campaigners joined forces with HACAN East and presented a flightpath cake to Tim Johnson, Head of Policy at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday 28 July.


We were joined by Chair of HACAN John Stewart and Keith Prince AM, current Chair of the GLA Transport Committee. The presentation was timed to ask CAA, in the lead up to their flightpath proposals for City Airport, to take into consideration all people and all areas of London who will be affected by their recommendations.

The CAA entered into the spirit of the event with a picture of the cake accompanying this tweet:


Mr Prince extended an invitation to Campaigners to meet him at City Hall in September. He has promised to take our concerns regarding dedicated flightpaths, as well as other plane-related issues, and how they affect residents of East and South East London to Mayor of London Rt Hon Sadiq Khan.

Also in September we look forward to reconvening meetings with HACAN and HACAN East and forming a South East London chapter of the lobbying organisation.

Meanwhile, the latest CAA consultation is open for responses to aviation noise impacts. We urge you to respond and can promise it will take no more than 5 minutes. Click here to make your voice heard.

You can also Click here to view HACAN's video interviews - as residents across London and the South East speak up about their experiences.

Plane Hell: Too Early, Too Late, Too Noisy, Too Low… Too Many!

Anyone living under a flight path will tell you one thing: it’s plane hell. For residents of Camberwell and other parts of South London it’s fast becoming a nightmare.

The Plane Hell campaign was born in response to local residents noticing an increase in the number of planes flying over a particular area of Camberwell, almost without a break, and starting as early as 4.30am.

The main issue for Southwark is noise from overflying aircraft on approach to land at Heathrow and London City Airports.


To get an idea about what it’s like to experience ongoing disruption as a result of plane noise then click here for the thoughts of local resident Bridget Bell.

For another take click here to read Dan and Jacky Jenkin's tale of woe.

Try here for Dan Scorer's views on the potential impact of new technology.

Why not relive the noise disturbance faced by many of London's residents by plugging in your headphones and watching the video?  

The Demands

  • Enable residents to achieve at least 7 hours sleep, the minimum recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) for good health, and ban all flights between 11pm - 6am (better still 7am).
  • Ensure any remaining night routes avoid populated areas to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise.
  • Keep aircraft higher for longer by utilising Continuous Descent Approaches which reduce noise because they require less engine thrust and keep planes above 6000 feet.
  • Stop aircraft concentrating over residential areas.
  • Stop the impact on mental and physical health caused by aircraft noise and aircraft pollution flying low over residential areas and keep planes above 6000 feet.
  • aircraft noise reduction must be a factor for all flights under 6000 feet.


A plane flying low over Bethwin Road 

What Can You Do?

Online Petition

Click here to sign the online petition addressed to the Minister for Aviation.

Some responses collected so far:

  • "It is an injustice to have so many planes flying over such densely populated areas. It's a blight on the lives of many people across London."
  • "I live under the flight path it starts at 04:30 and goes on until around 22:00 80 planes an hour. It's intolerable so we are moving."
  • "I'm signing because since the last 10 years the noise of the planes above my garden it's becoming increasingly unbearable! You cannot even have a conversation on the phone!"
  • "Partner woken at 4am by a plane so low he thought it was crashing- pretty sure they've been getting lower and lower over the years I have lived in SE5! Great to see Camberwell coming together to do something about this!" 

Follow the Campaign on Social Media

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Other Campaign Groups

HACAN - Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise

HACAN is a campaign group made up of local residents who are opposed to Heathrow expansion and want to reduce the amount of night flights over the skies of London and the South East.


HACAN East is a residents’ group set up in 2011 to represent the views of people affected by both noise and pollution from London City Airport. A number of areas are also impacted by Heathrow flights.

Write to your MP

Individuals, countrywide, have been encouraged to write to their MPs to underline the negative impact night flights and lack of respite from daytime flights have on the health and welfare of their constituents, with the added effect on the environment.

You can download a template letter here – please feel free to make any changes or add your own text.

To find out who your local MP is click here. 


Civil Aviation Authority - Consultation on Aviation Noise Impacts (until 5th January 2018)

Please take the opportunity to tell the CAA what you think they need to do to tackle aircraft noise in our area.  Below we have provided a link to the online consultation you can complete (it takes 2 minutes).  But if you’re in a rush, click here to download a template that you can use.



By post:

Aviation Noise Impacts Consultation

Civil Aviation Authority

45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE


A plane flying low over John Ruskin Street

Noise Diary

Campaigners are currently looking to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen their case. This includes encouraging those who live under flight paths, and experience the adverse effects of plane noise, to record a diary of all of the incidents in which they are disturbed.

Get in touch

If you are experiencing issues with planes flying overhead then please do get in touch and offer your support to the campaign.


A visual representation of aircraft movement linked to Heathrow - Green represent arrivals resulting from westerlywinds (30% of the time), Red represent easterly (70% of the time).


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.