Plane Hell: Too Early, Too Late, Too Noisy, Too Low… Too Many!

Camberwell resident Bridget Bell is the driving force behind a local campaign to reduce air noise and pollution over Camberwell and South London. Bridget, of John Ruskin Street, first had her sleep disturbed by aircraft over her house in July. Since then they have woken her up “nearly every night”.

Here she tells us about what it is like living directly under a flight path and the impact it is having on her quality of life.


Bridget (middle) appearing with two neighbours in Southwark News

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Seven Development Sites Across the Seven Community Action Networks

Sixty-five potential locations for over 40,000 homes, infrastructure, schools and businesses have been earmarked by Southwark council. It is currently seeking your thoughts and opinions on the Area Visions and Site Allocations that make up part of the New Southwark Plan (NSP).


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Runbert Jogmyson

Just to be clear my name is Robert Jamieson, not Runbert Jogmyson. I just wanted to punnify my name! Anyway...

It’s around this time of year the donation requests start flooding in… We all know someone (be they a friend, family member, or colleague) who has decided to take on the 26.2 mile challenge provided by the London Marathon. So what’s different about my story? Is it down to the fact that I am still cheerfully maintaining my 15-a-day smoking habit? Or the fact that until Boxing Day I had undertaken little to no meaningful exercise for a number of years?


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Latin American London: Ya No Está Oculto

The Latin American population is one of the fastest growing migrant populations in the United Kingdom. The most recent figures show that there were around 250,000 Latin Americans in the UK in 2013, of which around 145,000 were in London.

Southwark is home to the one of largest Latin American populations in the capital (9 % of the entire population) which tends to reflect historical patterns of settlement and commercial and cultural activity in London. This is perhaps best illustrated by the long-standing commercial areas dominated by Latin Americans around Elephant and Castle Shopping centre.


(photo taken at the annual Plaza Latina festival)

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A Dulwich Institution: Jean Halden's Story

Part of our work here at Southwark CAN is to try and inspire people to get more involved in their local community. What better way to do so than to highlight the role that individuals can play in enhancing the world around them and the day to day lives of their neighbours and friends?

This brings us to Jean Halden. Jean is an East Dulwich institution who has been active in her local community nearly all of the 84 years she has lived in area. An ardent campaigner and community stalwart, hers is a story worthy of the telling.


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The Refugee Crisis: A Southwark Response

*Click here for a list of ways in which you can support refugees, and the various organisations (based in Southwark and further afield) that work with them*

It seemed to have all gone quiet on the refugee front – at least from a Southwark council perspective.

When the desperate plight of refugees was splashed across the nation’s media last summer, Peter John, leader of Southwark council, issued a clarion call to residents by declaring that: 'Southwark was among the first councils to publicly state that we will welcome refugees to our borough.'


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Mercato Metropolitano: A Symbol of Regeneration or a New Way of Doing Business?

So you'd think that 45,000 square feet of prime estate between Borough and Elephant and Castle would be ripe for a couple of high-rises, with a few of penthouses thrown in to boot? Well, maybe one day, but for a disused paper factory on Newington Causeway a different type of development has taken root - a modern day squatter albeit with the permission of the landowner...


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Why is it Important to Celebrate Black History Month?

We have lauded the diverse nature of Southwark previously in this blog and the fact that the UK is currently celebrating Black History Month (BHM) gives us another chance to. 

As of last year48% of the Southwark’s populationbelonged to the BAME group, and this is only set to increase. 

It’s only when you have a look at this statistic in greater detail that you can really understand how diverse and multicultural a place it really is.


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Have We Seen the Death of Youth Services in Southwark?

A recent Unison report has painted a bleak picture of youth services in the UK. After years of austerity measures and with Local Authorities finding it harder and harder to balance their budget sheets, statutory service provision is at an all-time low. 

Unison estimates that between April 2010 and April 2016, £387m was cut from youth spending across the UK. 

The figures make for grim reading, but how can we really articulate the damage behind them?


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How Do We Protect Our Green And Blue?

The Canada Water Master Plan: A Case for Drawing on our Natural Heritage

Our Natural Heritage

River, docks, canals, woodland, parks, open space.  These are some of the elements of Canada Water and of the Rotherhithe peninsula that many of us love and, indeed, many of us moved to the area for.  We have recently enjoyed these in the sunshine of the planet’s hottest summer on record.


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