Three Years Later We Are Still Suffering

I have just read Bridget Bell's blog concerning her problems with noisy planes over Camberwell day and night. This could have been written by me in 2014 - same problems, same answers from uncaring, patronising airline industry. Different airport though. Our problem is neighbour from hell Gatwick.


I have lived in Crowborough, East Sussex all of my life and until 2014 hardly saw or heard a plane. We are 20 miles from airport, highest inland town in East Sussex on the Ashdown Forest. Suddenly one night our previously peaceful existence was shattered, never to return.

From about 11.00 pm one evening we suddenly had whining EASYJET flights one after the other at about 4000 feet directly over our house. I thought there was some sort of problem but it didn't take many more nights of the same and a bit of research to realise this was going to continue.

Three years later we are still suffering. Gatwick is a 24/7 operation as they love to remind us and we are considered to be a nuisance that won't go away. Sleep deprived, depressed and helpless yet the Government condones what is happening and NATS,CAA,DFT all pass the buck when contacted. In my last correspondence with the CAA, one paragraph stood out and said it all: 

'We understand the disturbance caused by aircraft noise, and whilst the disturbance is regretted, we hope you will understand that aircraft noise is the result of legitimate aviation activity in support of UK Plc and the wider general public'

So that's it really isn't it? Our human rights of a peaceful existence and a decent night's sleep in our own home counts for nothing. Gatwick airport have now set up a complaints procedure which does not allow telephone or e-mail complaints. If you wish to complain you have to use an on-line complaints procedure (hardly useful at 3.00 or 4.00am) or you may write in stating the time and reason for complaint. Each complaint to be written out separately. If you have no computer access you have no way of knowing if a complaint has even been logged.

Noisy neighbours can be prosecuted but the Airline Industry can do as it pleases.

We wish you good luck with your campaign and let's hope that someone, somewhere will finally come to their senses and realise communities should not be allowed to suffer at the hands of the Aviation Industry.

Dan and Jacky Jenkins

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