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wants to volunteer 2019-05-24 19:47:18 +0100

I Want To Do Something

Here is the place to tell us how you want to get involved... 

Cohesive communities rely on people giving up their time - it is the most precious of resources.

Successful campaigns rely on people getting up of the sofa and diving headlong into the cause (unless the campaign involved a sit in protest but that's a story for another day...). 

It's a lot easier than it (sometimes) seems to actually give up a few hours a week, or a few days a month, to affect what happens in the streets and buildings around you.

Do you want to start a campaign? Or maybe set up or join a community group? 

Tell us in the form below and we'll be sure to get the ball rolling.

If you want to volunteer on a more formal level then you should be clicking this link.


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