We are Bermondsey CAN and together we CAN do it!

Bermondsey Community Action Network, or Bermondsey CAN, is a new group of local people and community organisations working to bring about change for the better in Bermondsey

We all love living in Bermondsey. We’re really friendly here and we all look out for each other. We have a proud tradition of community action, with 50,000 local people taking part in the 1911 Bermondsey Uprising, the first women’s strike, led by Ada Salter. This community action has given us wonderful community assets including our tree lined streets and parks. We also have a fantastic range of skills between us.

Yet there are some areas where we CAN make things even better.

That’s where Bermondsey CAN comes in.

Together as a community we CAN identify some of the areas where we could make things even better and decide which we need to work on most urgently.

Next, for each area we CAN work out all the community skills and assets we have available, and any gaps in skills or funding we would like to fill.

Then local organisations like Community Southwark, Southwark Council, local charities and local businesses CAN all work together to help us fill these gaps.

That means together we CAN successfully achieve the improvements we need the most and make a real difference to local people.

Areas we CAN look at

Come to our events and join or mailing list to add your ideas to our list for areas where we CAN make things even better.

Some possibilities include:

  • Regenerating the Blue Market to create new local jobs and useful shops and services for our community
  • Community activities around the Blue at the weekend
  • Tackling high childcare costs through a childcare co-operative
  • Starting more community-led children’s and youth activities
  • Starting more community education for work and for fun
  • Opening weekday-only community assets at the weekend too
  • Refurbishing disused community assets

Together we CAN do it

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