Borough and Bankside CAN 21/02/2017

Here’s a brief summary of the discussions, updates and action points from the third meeting of the Borough and Bankside Community Action Network

We have tried to capture links to the projects and resources discussed in the notes below, but if you would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us,

A big thank you to the Queensborough Community Centre for hosting us


  • Zena Sherman – Community Southwark/Local Resident
  • Marion Marples – Bankside Residents Forum/Local Resident
  • Pat Notton – Queensborough Community Centre/Local Resident
  • Elizabeth Chart – Local Resident
  • Lyn Meade – LSBorough & Scovell TRA
  • Amir Eden – Bankside Residents Forum/Local Resident
  • Brenda Wade – Age UK Lewisham and Southwark
  • Chip Da Silva – Healthwatch Southwark
  • David Noakes – Cathedrals Ward councillor
  • Adele Morris – Cathedrals Ward councillor
  • Kay-Ann Bryan – Bulling Stops Here
  • Robert Jamieson - Community Southwark
  • Clare Chamberlain - Community Southwark




At the previous meeting residents of the Scovell Estate raised several issues and concerns (which you can read about here) so we felt it was our job to address some of them! Luckily we had Cllr David Noakes on hand to provide and update…

* Turns out a fair bit of progress had been made in tackling some of the issues raised at the previous meeting. Good news all round here: after chasing up both TFL and Southwark council’s Highways team we have managed to get confirmation that the bus-stop outside the car hire place on Newington Causeway will be repositioned and made much safer for residents to use. Hurrah! Work is set to commence around May or June.

* David has arranged for a contact from the council to attend the next L’Borough & Scovell TRA meeting to discuss the asbestos situation.

* David is exploring the option of putting up no cycling signs with additional words about elderly residents and appealing for cyclists to dismount, to potentially be paid out of the money from the Cleaner Greener Safer bid that we gave to the Scovell and Borough Road Estate for better lighting and more secure entrances to the estates.

* David has arranged a walkabout around the estate with Southwark’s lighting engineers to see if the lighting can be improved or whether any additional lighting can be installed to improve the overall lighting on the estate.

* A further lighting issue was raised in relation to the Queensborough community centre and the Stones End day centre. David has raised a member’s enquiry to social services and housing as they have a shared responsibility for this site.

So a big thank you to David for following up on the concerns of local residents. We will be keeping everyone up do date on any further progress made.


Peabody Triangle Development

Conversations moved onto the nearby Peabody Triangle development… So what’s been happening? Well, it looks like any redevelopment of the site has been postponed – at least for the meantime. Peabody and the Ministry of Sound have been at loggerheads over proposals which are now considered no longer feasible. So what’s currently going on with the site? Well, Mercato Metropolitano currently have ‘meanwhile’ use until at least 2018. To find out more about what they do click here.

It was also suggested that Peadbody should be petitioned by residents and local organisations

Bullying Stops Here

Kay-Ann Bryan provided us all with some information about her work with the Bullying Stops Here project, which is based in Southwark. They run a community kitchen, a Mummys Club, sessions for young people, and a 24 confidential helpline. Like other organisations in Southwark they are currently trying to find secure premises from which they can operate out of. To find out more you can visit the website here. 

Community Vibes

Whilst we all have issues about the places we call home sometimes it is helpful to focus on what we care about in our communities and what brings us together in Southwark. So during the meeting we asked everyone to tell us!

* Friendliness of the local community is immediate and people like Steve and Pat bend over backwards to help others.

* The borough is amazingly diverse in nature and there is a sense of a fantastically mixed community of residents, businesses and tourists in the Borough and Bankside area. You are a stone’s throw away from some incredible history.

* There is so much going on in the local area with different community and resident groups bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds together.

* There is a real sense of creativity in this end of the borough and people are always looking for new ways make sure that the above point happens!


New Southwark Plan

The New Southwark Plan (NSP) is currently being consulted on which will shape future development across the borough. We discussed the ramifications for Borough and Bankside including exploring the potential development sites that Southwark council have earmarked for the area.

Luckily we had Cllr Adele Morris, who also happens to be on Southwark council’s planning committee! Discussions mainly focused on the fire station off of Southwark Bridge road. Adele was due to meet with the property department to discuss what the building would be used for before it is redeveloped in a year or two. She is trying to persuade the council that Mint Street youth organisation could use it while their own space is being renovated. Other suggestions for the meanwhile use included using the space to help people struggling with homelessness.

All attendees agreed that there should be a dedicated space for the community to use once the redevelopment was completed.

The conversation then shifted to questioning Southwark’s ability to achieve its housing target, which had recently been increased by the mayor. It was suggested that big developments with large numbers of housing units could provide ‘easy wins’ for the council. This seems to be corroborated by the fact that most of the development sites in the NSP have been identified for their ability to deliver housing (affordable or otherwise).

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