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Dulwich is one of the smallest Community Council areas in Southwark by population, yet one of the largest geographically.

It contains some of London’s most affluent and desirable areas in Dulwich Village and East Dulwich. Leafy College ward is circled by a number of estates containing high proportions of social housing.

  • Dulwich has a surprisingly high proportion of under 15s.
  • Yet it also has a higher than average proportion of over 65s (10%).
  • The proportion of White residents is the highest in the borough at 72%, and in Village ward is almost 80%: this contrasts with the lowest proportion of Black/African/Caribbean/Black British residents in the borough at 14%.


  • College ward’s communities are very different from the rest of the Community Council area, with twice the average level of benefits claimants, a higher proportion of people living in social accommodation and almost two-thirds living in flats and apartments.


Southwark Council has prepared profiles for each Community Council area based on the 2011 census: here is the profile for Dulwich.

in 2011, the housing stock breakdown in Dulwich was as follows:

East Dulwich
Total Households: 5297
Owned: 2773 - (52.35%)
Social Rent: 1073 – (20.26%)
Private Rent: 1367 – (25.8%)
Rent Free: 55 – (1.04%)
Shared Ownership: 29 (0.55%) 

Total Households: 5050
Owned: 2500 - (49.5%)
Social Rent: 1373 – (27.2%)
Private Rent: 1042 – (20.6%)
Rent Free: 61 – (1.2%)
Shared Ownership: 74 (1.5%)

Total Households: 4580
Owned: 2973 - (64.9%)
Social Rent: 711 – (15.5%)
Private Rent: 832 – (17.1%)
Rent Free: 51 – (1.1%)
Shared Ownership: 13 (0.3%)

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The London Borough of Southwark is made up of 21 wards. Three councillors are elected from each ward, making a total of 63 councillors. The Labour party currently has 48 councillors, the Liberal Democrat party has 13 and the Conservative party has two.

These are the elected representatives that represent the people of Dulwich. Get in touch with them if you have an issue that is affecting you or the area you live in. Some of them are even nice!



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