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What is community?

I'm going to start this reflection with a quote from a poem. It's from The Rock by T S Eliot When the Stranger says: “What is the meaning of this city? Do you huddle close together because you love each other?” What will you answer? “We all dwell together To make money from each other”? or “This is a community”? This is a pressing question for North Southwark as redevelopment spreads into every corner bring with it significant opportunities but also major threats. The opportunities are centred on the creation by local people, businesses, the Voluntary Sector and many others of robust communities which thrive on live rather than money. That's all a bit prosaic but it's simply the way I see it. The threats are that the social apartheid built into the redevelopment, where different social groups as determined by work and wealth are segregate by different front doors, itineraries and leisure opportunities. That's all a very long winded way of saying Join Southwark CAN and link with others who want to enhance community and make this an even better place to be.

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