Did you know that if you manage to get 1500 signatures on a petition then it can be debated at Southwark's Council Assembly meetings? How about 500 for a debate at Southwark's Cabinet meeting? For a mere 250 signatures you can force your issue to be debated at your Community Council meeting.

Petitions are a great way to let those who make the decisions aware of your concerns.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword... Whilst there isn't a similar adage for signing a petition online (keyboard warrior perhaps?) why not show your support to some of the causes listed below.

If you need help designing or setting up a petition, or if you want us to shout about yours, then we're here to help - get in touch.

Save The Flower Lady & The Old Victorian Coal House From Demolition

Help save Herne Hill's Flower Lady!

This petitions is calling for the the end to plans to build and electrical substations in place of the Victorian Coal House next door to Herne Hill Station.

Campaigners are arguing that Network Rail need a substation because they made mistakes in the refurbishment of the shops at the top end of Railton Road. If this substation is built then a beloved local institution will be forced out.

To find out more and sign the petition click here.

Save Umana Yani

This petition calls directly on Southwark Council to move the mass of mobile phone exchange boxes on 294 Croxted Road blocking much loved local business Umana Yana from view and from customers. It argues that, unless the boxes are removed by the end of 2017, the local takeaway will be forced to close.

The council has the power here as they own the land directly in front of the shop and, as is their wont, rent out the space to mobile phone operators.


The five large mobile phone exchange boxes (three of them shown on image above on right) totally obscure the view of the takeaway from the road. The owner, Debbie Monfries, has many loyal local customers but also relies heavily on passing customers and these boxes completely hide the shop front.

If you want to help out a local family-run business in its battle to stay open sign the petition by clicking here.

We'd go one step further and suggest that you swing by and try out the food!

Clean air for Camberwell

This petitions is calling on the Mayor of London and Transport for London to replace buses on all routes passing through Camberwell Green with hybrid, hydrogen or electric buses by 2018.

Southwark Green Party's recent monitoring of nitrogen dioxide pollution around Camberwell Green has shown that annual levels at the bus stops outside Butterfly Walk/McDonalds on Denmark Hill are more than twice the legal EU limit. The monitor outside McDonalds measured 84 micrograms per cubic metre, while the legal EU limit is 40.


Of the 20 nitrogen dioxide monitors installed by Southwark Green Party around the borough, only two were below the EU limit. The 11 monitors placed outside shops, cafés and schools around the Camberwell Green junction were all far above the EU limit.

This new evidence suggests that shopping or changing buses at Camberwell Green is a serious and acute health hazard, with a huge cumulative impact on the health of local residents.

I think we can all agree that these findings make for grim reading...

To find out more, and to sign the petition, click here.

Southwark Council Should Develop a Long-Term Tennis Strategy

A lot has happened in the world of tennis in Southwark in recent years. Southwark council has sought to reduce operating costs and will predominantly be looking to contract out some of its services in future.


Be Active Social Enterprise are calling on Southwark Council to develop a long term Tennis strategy. To find out more, and to sign the petition, click here. 

Say No to Five Storey Flats on Champion Hill

A straight forward petition here: plans are afoot to develop a  five storey block of flats right on Champion Hill at the junction with Dog Kennel Hill. Many locals feel that Southwark are going too far and that a block of flats so high will look completely out of place in the current surroundings. That's not all though - the trees and green lawns to the side and in front of the present 2-storey Seavington House will disappear.


To find out about the other ways in which the development will impact on the area, and to sign the petition, click here.

Save the Nags Head

Another development proposed - another community landmark threatened. This time the Nags Head pub in Camberwell, whose records date back to 1856, is being closed down in April of this year. Why? The building’s owners, Landlord Camberwell Road Ltd, have been given planning permission to redevelop the space into luxury flats. The pub is listed as an Asset of Community Value which, in theory, affords it some protection. However, the developers appear to be getting around this by keeping it as a pub but charging 'market rents'. The new rates will be more than double what current landlady Julie Clifford is paying.


Want to see another Gastro pub in South London? If the answer is no then sign this petition!

Southwark Council - Don't Implement the Housing Act

The Housing and Planning Act will not solve the housing crisis. It will make it worse. It will force people from their homes, families and communities, into insecure private renting. They plan to use it to destroy council housing.

Campaigners have already succeeded in defeating “pay to stay”.


Southwark Council, like many other Labour councils, opposes the Housing Act. But it is prepared to implement it. This petition calls on Southwark Council to cease all activity aimed at implementing the other parts of the Act, introducing non-secure tenancies or selling off high value council homes. This is a political choice, and the Council can choose to stand in unity with tenants, leaseholders, trade unions and community groups in Southwark, many of whom have already called on the council to defy the Act.

It can join with other councils to make the Act unworkable.

To sign the petition click here.

Save Leyton Square Adventure Playground

Southwark Council have threatened Leyton Square Adventure playground in the heart of Peckham with closure. The campaign to stop this happening is led by Southwark resident Aaron Ferdinand who urges that this does not go ahead.  Leyton Square is a pivotal facility and has been serving young people in the local community since 1972, this needs to continue.


Inner city communities across the country are seeing an increase in knife crime and youth on youth violence.  Children's services may not be the whole solution in tackling this but they certainly play a major part.  Some children are under huge pressure both among their peers and at home, so places like Leyton Square offer a safe alternative and some escapism.

Aaron argues that it is a young persons right to have a safe childhood where they are able to play, interact with their peers, learn self respect and build life long friendships.  Most importantly keeping them off the streets and out of trouble.

To sign the petition to support the campaign click here.

Open Nunhead Reservoir

There is growing demand for Thames Water to open Nunhead Reservoir to the public, so that everybody can enjoy the view and the open space. This petition calls for them to use some of the profit they make from their bill payers to supply bins and official entrances. Replant the trees they dug up and take down the fence around the perimeter.


Nunhead Reservoir has one of the best views in South London. It has been a much loved picnicking spot, place to relax and hang out with friends for many years, and deserves to be officially opened so that everybody can enjoy it. 

To sign this petition click here.

Aquatics Centre Promise on Canada Water Regeneration Plans

This petition calls upon Southwark council to listen to the local residents who, in their words, feel thoroughly cheated by a flawed consultation process and insist the council stick to planning agreements early consultations had achieved.

These include 8 storeys maximum height of buildings, lots of open and safe communal spaces, play areas, improved traffic routing, and a championship size aquatics centre.


To sign this petition click here.

For more information about regeneration plans for Canada Water click here and here.

Skyline Campaign

The Skyline Campaign is calling for the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to enforce a 6-month freeze on consents for new tall buildings.

There are now 436 towers in the pipeline. The Skyline Campaign is not against tall buildings, but aims to raise awareness of the irreversible consequences for London of the current unbridled tower construction, much of which has happened without adequate public awareness or planning policy. 


The Skyline Campaign was formed in early 2014 when it emerged that more than 230 new towers had either received planning consent in London or were in the pipeline.

To sign this petition click here.

To learn more about the 'Skyline Campaign' click here.

Save Southwark Woods

According to campaigners Southwark Council is destroying the woods and graves of the Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries to make Super Cemeteries.

This is the largest grave mounding and excavation project in UK history. Southwark Council is destroying 12 acres of woodland, mounding over tens of  thousands of public graves then excavating every grave over 75 years old for 'new' inner city burial.


To sign this petition click here.

To learn more about the 'Save Southwark Woods' campaign click here.

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