Plane Hell Action - July Newsletter

A lot has been happening and more is about to happen.

To start, Janet Daby MP for Lewisham East is hosting a meeting with representatives from HeathrowLondon City and NATS next Friday 26 July at 6.30pm, details here:
This will be a pre-holiday opportunity to find out more about expansion plans at Heathrow and London City and think of consultation responses in advance of anticipated meetings in Lambeth and Southwark in early September.
Heathrow deadline: 13 September    London City deadline: 20 September
Plane Hell Action plans to respond to both the above consultations, either as a campaign group or as individuals. We urge you to participate, too, and to copy your responses to your MP and your Council Leader.

The broad advice is to respond by letter or email rather than follow the online process with its potentially leading/misleading questions. Both Friends of the Earthand No 3rd Runway Coalition have excellent briefing notes. 

We will let you know of any further expansion events for SE London when details are confirmed.
Plane Hell Action has responded to the CAA consultation on how they consulted on the implementation of PPR, Planned and Permanent Redistribution (closed 7 July 2019).  Some of the published responses on the CAA website make informative reading: many individuals are taking the trouble to tell CAA what is wrong (as well as what may be right).
There has been much comment in recent weeks on the effects of plane noise, sleep deprivation and the associated short- and long-term health implications.  One letter comes from Emeritus Prof Banatvala, based in SE London at Kings College Hospital.
Loughborough Junction acoustic expert and PHA supporter has sent us this link to real-time noise of planes overflying:
The stream is also available on the soundmap (keep zooming until you see Camberwll) at:
as well as the graphically grim 5 minutes of planes to London City and Heathrow.

These are useful to 'show' those who do not understand what it is that we are experiencing and why we are campaigning so hard to improve our lot and that of those not yet affected.  Your support could not be more welcome and helpful in making an impact. 

Meanwhile, there are some excellent websites offering easy-to-read knowledgeable information on some/all of the above:

Aviation Environment Federation


No 3rd Runway Coalition


What YOU can do now


  1. If it is relevant to you and you are free come to Janet Daby's Q&A opportunity on 26 July.
  2. Encourage your Council to sign up to No 3rd Runway Coalition and/or declare Climate Emergency.  Southwark has done both.
  3. Circulate the recording of planes to those who may be considering voting for airport expansion - anywhere - and let them know what they are consigning communities to in terms of concentrated noise not to mention jet fuel emissions
  4. Keep circulating the Plane Hell Action Petition.
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.