Plane Hell Action update May 2019

A lot has been happening in the Plane Hell Action Campaign




Plane Hell Action and Southwark Council sign up to No 3rd Runway Coalition (NoR3C).

Will you encourage Greenwich, Lambeth, and Lewisham Councils, boroughs covered by our Corridors of Concentration survey, to follow suit?  Write to your MP, your Council Leader, the Council Cabinet lead on Environment, your Ward Councillor and ask them to do so?


ICCAN, the long-awaited Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise, has just been set up.

It is asking for feedback on its draft strategy and welcomes our comments.  The questions it asks are in the Word document here to read in advance of responding online or, if you prefer, in writing. Deadline 16 June 2019


The Time is Now! On 26 June, groups under all sorts of banners, including Arts, Environment, Faith, Sports are rallying in Parliament Square to raise awareness of Climate Emergency. 

Bring a group, come as an individual or with friends and let your MP know how strongly you feel about climate change, the effects of aviation CO2, other jet fuel emissions, noise pollution: as cars are getting quieter and more fuel/emissions efficient on the ground, in the air we seem intent on increasing both noise and fuel emissions.


The Judicial Review has taken place, been rejected and that pronouncement is being challenged.


The Government's Green Paper on its long-term aviation strategy (to 2050) is being consulted on.

The deadline for responses has been extended to allow publication of its Climate Change Committee's advice on aviation vs climate emissions within the target set by the Paris Agreement, Chair Lord Deben's letter here

We can all respond, deadline 20 June 2019.  AEF provides background here.


The CAA is consulting: what are our views on how they alerted us to the implementation of PPR, Planned and Permanent Routes?  

For many of us in SE London now experiencing arrivals 4.30am - 11/11.30pm at dB levels of 65+ the answer is 'not consulted'. Deadline 7 July 2019.


Heathrow will be consulting further on expansion, opportunity to respond 18 June - 13 September 2019, further information available in due course.

Would you like us to hold a public meeting?

Plane Hell Action plans to respond to all the above consultations, either as a campaign group or as individuals. We urge you to participate, too, and to copy your responses to your MP and your Council Leader.  In most cases a simple letter or email is good, ensuring you cover the points under consultation in the order in which they are raised. We are happy to offer guidance:

What YOU can do?

  1. Write to your Council about signing up to No 3rd Runway Coalition

  2. Let us know if you are interested in attending a public meeting about Heathrow's consultation:

  3. Sign up for Time is Now rally on 26 June 2019

  4. Respond to ICCAN's request for feedback

  5. Keep writing to your MP, Ward Councillor, Council Environment Department and complain about the flightpath concentration, flight schedule, effects of constant noise on your/your family's/your colleagues'/ your friends' well being.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Plane Hell Action Campaign, get in touch with:

There are some excellent websites offering easy-to-read knowledgeable information on some/all of the above:

Plane Hell Action


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